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Learn about Leonidas Chocolate at Kensington in London

Christopher Columbus discovered chocolate in the New World. The Aztecz consumed it in form of a bitter drink made from roaster cocoa beans and spices. Nothing like the chocolate that we enjoy today.

Chocolate in Belgium

Right from the start of its history in Belgium, chocolate was made to be gift. In 1912 the Belgian confectionary industry invented the praline, as we know today, a bite sized individual filled chocolate, which was perfect for its intended purpose as a gift.

In order to preserve the delicacy of these fine chocolates, a special packaging design was patented under the name of ‘ballotin’, a punnet-shaped box. Since then, the beautifully decorated ‘ballotin de pralines’ (or box of chocolates) has become the perfect gift for all occasions.

Today, chocolate is an integral part of the gastronomic heritage of our country, and Belgians savor chocolate just as they would appreciate a nice glass of wine.
Thus, for example, Belgians consume nearly 8kgs of chocolate a year (per head), preferably at home and several times a week, with no need to wait for a special occasion. What wins them over, above all, is its flavor, texture and the intense pleasure it gives. It’s true that we eat a piece, stick or bar of chocolate because we have a weakness for sweet things but, above all, because it gives us a very pleasurable taste sensation.

Have you ever thought about the number of big and small occasions that punctuate our daily ives: a birthday, a party, dinner with friends, a reunion or a romantic moment?
These are just some of the many times when we want to congratulate or surprise someone, show appreciation or even love, please them or simply be generous.
Leonidas chocolates are the ideal gift, which never fails to please and is always much appreciated.

Leonidas, means more than 100 varietes of the highest-quality and freshest Belgian chocolates. Products made in the traditional way with 100% cocoa butter.

Only the highest-quality ingredients go into making Leonidas chocolates: Belgian ‘couverture’ (coating) chocolate, fresh butter, crème fraîche, cream, Turkish hazelnuts, Morello cherries from Périgord, Italian almonds and oranges from Valencia, to name but a few. In addition, like all European food companies, for many years Leonidas has been incorporating HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) into its processes, guaranteeing a high level of safety for its products.

Leonidas is a company that attaches a great deal of value to the heritage of its founder. That is why it continues its work with such passion and with the highest respect for tradition to guarantee results that are 100% quality.

Leonidas elegantly combines a supremely rich heritage with an innovative vision. To do this, the brand is continually watchful to ensure that it offers its customers products, concepts, packaging and shops that fulfil their high expectations, without losing sight of the rich heritage and values passed down by its founders. In recent years, consumers have seen their usual Leonidas shops adopt a new style, which emphasises not only the innovative and dynamic vision of the brand but also its
freshness, generosity and heritage. In the same spirit, the traditional ‘ballotins’ (chocolate boxes) have also been given a new look and have been joined by attractive luxury gift boxes, which change with the seasons.

Leonidas has developed an exclusive range for the Travel Retail market. In order to satisfy its customers specific requirements, this range is available in three categories:

Informal Gifts Informal gifts
Small assortments of the brand’s best-loved chocolates, luxuriously packaged. Perfect for travelers looking for a gift or for a treat for themselves.


Easy Gift Easy gift
As their name suggests, these are delicious chocolates, which is easy to slip into luggage and to transport.


Premium Gifts Premium gifts
More luxurious boxes for travelers looking for an extra-special gift of chocolates.



The deep gold and brown tones of the travel retail range quickly draws customers towards Leonidas’ chocolates. The packaging of this range also features a description of the assortment in the box along with a picture of some chocolates. And the words
«no alcohol» are printed on boxes containing alcohol-free chocolates. And because Leonidas is always at the cutting edge of innovation, it has designed a freshness «ballotin», called the Freshpack, specifically designed to preserve the quality
and freshness of its products, thus increasing the choice available in the Travel Retail range. A revolutionary concept developed exclusively for Leonidas!

Deep gold

Over the years, Leonidas has enlarged its products range according to the expectation of it many loyal customers. Thus, while Leonidas concentrated solely on chocolates in the first few years, today if offers a huge choice of products from chocolates across a wide range of other confectionery products.

Brief overview of the great Leonidas Classics

Butter cream chocolates Manon, Manon Café, Olympe, Lingot, Mystère, Irrésistible, Désirée and Eve

House-special cream chocolates Forever Café, I Love You, Délice Coco and les Petits Coeurs

Ganache chocolates Dressé Noisette, Palet d’Or, Ganache, Merveilleux, Europe, Tosca, Antoinette and Poésie, Avelanne, Floranger and Noir de Noir

Candied fruit Orangette, Citronette and Tranche d’Orange Trempée

Marzipan Bûche Amaretto, Bûche Framboise, Bûche Orange, Bûche Pistache, Fraise Massepain and Noix Massepain

Liqueur cream chocolates Cerise Emballée, Advocaat, Cerise à Queue and à Noyau and Feuille

Caramel cream chocolates Alexandre Le Grand and Bretagne

Pralines Noisette masquée, Louise, Moka, Gianduja, Bûche Pralinée, Casaleo, Princesse Enrobée, Carré Croquant, Marron and Forever Praliné and Fruits de Mer

Plain chocolate Finesse, Napolitain.

Truffles Truffe Classique, Café Caramel, Truffe Noire, Noisette Croquante, Speculoos, Champagne

Coupes L ait d’Amande, Lait de Coco, Praline Croquant, Tiramisu and Truffe Maracuja

Liqueurs Limoncello, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Poire Williams, Amaretto, Curaçao, Whisky and Passoa

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